What are some of the Benefits and Features of the Ozeres Accommodation Booking System?

  • Book now” or “24 hour request” built-in features
  • All accommodation types/categories are catered for
  • Our website incorporates the latest technology development
  • Google mapping – Shows Your Property location & how to get there
  • User friendly interface for your customers and you, the supplier
  • Last minute” booking facilities for specials
  • The system allows you to enter rates & availability for 12 months or more
  • Allows easy access to create a variety of Package Deals
  • On-line Help menu available for updating your property details
  • Comprehensive Reports (Bookings/Availability)
  • SMS and email notification of bookings

How will you, the property owner know when a booking has been made for your property?

  • Instant Bookings – Confirmation email gets simultaneously sent to your property, your client & the administrator. (Inventory is automatically decremented)
  • 24 Hour Request Bookings: Request is emailed to your property (with copies going to your client & the administrator). On this email is a button with the option for the property to Accept or Decline the request. The confirmation/decline is then sent to your client with copies going to your property & the administrator.
  • To speed this process a text/SMS message is sent at the same time to the properties mobile/cell phone. Your property owner/manager/reservations department has the ability to respond Yes/No on their mobile/cell.This will automatically process the booking and the system always accepts the first response. It means that the smallest properties can be included and use SMS reply on their mobiles to immediately process a reservation.

The Ozeres Services system offers a 24-hour automatic “Accept or Reject” response option, via email/SMS/Text, for those Suppliers who are unable to provide inventory. An email/sms/text is sent to you, the supplier notifying you of the booking request. Once the you, the supplier accept the booking, the full amount is automatically debited from the your client’s credit card, and confirmations are sent back to you, the supplier and your client. Rejected transactions are voided with your client being offered an alternative.

If you have an Establishment with a small number of rooms you will love this facility as you are able to sell your property online without commiting inventory.



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