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New site launched

Great News for Accommodation Suppliers!
The Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Surrounds accommodation website was successfully launched on the 01/04/2009.

At present we are concentrating on raising the site ranking on Google and other search engines. As a result multiple booking requests have been coming through the site. You may have already received a booking request for your property.

Eventually the web site and the websites will be completely integrated. Your Visitors will be able to Check Availability and Book Your Accommodation from either website.

We hope you don’t mind but we took the liberty of uploading your Accommodation details onto the website. We figured you wouldn’t mind as this is FREE advertising.
In fact everything is FREE… all the work of uploading all your details, the exposure locally as well as internationally, being part of an exclusive accommodation advertising tool for Lithgow, Oberon, Blue Mountains & Surrounds. You can see your listing already at:
Only when we process a transaction do we ask for 10% of that transaction. (Even then do we carry the credit card costs in our share). There is no start-up, monthly or yearly fees. We are in the process of implementing a split transaction system, so you will get your money at the time of the booking.

It is easy… Go have a look at and make up your own mind.
Clients can see availability and property pictures at a glance on one page, compare rates, and make an informed decision and book hassle free, 24/7, up to 365 days in advance. is independently owned and operated global online booking service and we have teamed with Accommodation Guru to bring you the latest in on-line e-Commerce Technology.

Properties can be listed as INSTANT REAL TIME BOOKINGS or UPON 24 HR REQUEST. You can choose to be notified by SMS on your mobile phone or notified via email. When a Booking request comes in it is sent to your preferred contact method. You can then choose to either Accept or Decline the booking.

If you are on 24 HOUR REQUEST, you will need to respond within 24 hours otherwise the Booking Request will expire and you will lose the Booking. So please check your email regularly.

Your accommodation is already activated. You truly have nothing to lose but if you really don’t want the property on these extremely exclusive sites all you need to do is to send us an e-mail and we will deactivate and remove it for you.
If you want to give this a go… You will need to go to the website at: and login at the “supplier’s login” tab.


Please check your details and modify if necessary, update your Availability and complete your Deposit Details under your Establishment so we can send through your Booking payment. If you are unable to login with the above details, please email us.

Help is available by clicking on Suppliers Help on the top menu.

We are already receiving booking enquiries through both web sites.

For more information on the features and benefits of our accommodation system, please have a look at:


If you require further assistance or information please email us.

Address: PO Box 267, Lithgow. NSW 2790

Fax: 02 6353 1257

Manager: Debra Morris



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