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Do you (Ozeres Services) have control over our (Accommodation Supplier) bookings? Please explain how it works. We prefer to organise our own bookings so that there is no risk of double booking plus we like to deal with our guests personally.
This is an automated online accommodation booking system, however you (Accommodation Supplier) have control over your own bookings.
You (Accommodation Supplier) decide if you want the booking or not.
From your (Accommodation Supplier) control panel you can choose to be notified either by email or SMS to your mobile phone.

If you receive a 24 Hour Booking Request via email, you (Accommodation Supplier) from within the email can choose to Accept the Booking or Decline the Booking or Decline the booking with Alternative.
Full instructions are included in the email sent to you (Accommodation Supplier). All details of your Customer’s Booking Request and the Customer’s Contact Details are included in the email sent to you.
If you (Accommodation Supplier) are on Instant Booking, you will need to keep your Availability Calendar up to date, when a booking is Accepted by you (Accommodation Supplier) , the Customer’s Credit Card is automatically debited for the full amount of the Booking (so there is no need for Deposits). 

An email is sent to you (Accommodation Supplier) and to the Customer. The Availability Calendar is then automatically marked as SOLD.

We (Accommodation Supplier) do not have a credit card facility for bookings, how will the transaction be handled?.
You (Accommodation Supplier) don’t need credit card facilities, we (Ozeres Services) handle the transaction and pay the transaction fees with our (Ozeres Services) Credit Card facility.
When a Customer makes a 24 Hour Booking Request the Customer’s Credit Card details are automatically placed on “pending”.
When you (Accommodation Supplier) Accept a Booking the Customer’s Credit Card is then automatically processed and debited for the full amount of the booking, so Deposits do not apply.
Depending on what you (Accommodation Supplier) prefer, we (Ozeres Services) then either direct deposit the money into your (Accommodation Supplier) Bank Account or send you (Accommodation Supplier) a Cheque.
We (Ozeres Services) prefer to pay you (Accommodation Supplier) by Direct Deposit, as you (Accommodation Supplier) receive your money quicker and it is easier for us to administer.
Money deposited to your (Accommodation Supplier) Bank Account includes the Booking Confirmation Number so it is easy to track on your Bank Statement.
To setup your (Accommodation Supplier) Direct Deposit Bank Account details:
Please log into your account.

  • Click on Suppliers Login from the top menu
  • Username: [enter your username]
  • Password: [enter your password]
  • Click on Establishment from the left hand menu.
  • Click on the name of your Establishment
  • You can edit all your property your details on this page.
  • Enter your Direct Deposit Bank details located just under the Google map section

The system does time out so don’t forget to Save regularly and when you are finished editing.

We now also have a split payment system, which when activated, means you will receive your payment at the time of the confirmed booking. Please let us know if you wish this activated on your account.

Only when we process a transaction do we ask for 10% of that transaction. (Even then do we carry the credit card costs in our share). There is no start-up, monthly or yearly fees.

Who gets charged the Administration Fee on Refunds for Cancellations, the Customer or us (Accommodation Supplier)?

If we have NOT already paid you (Accommodation Supplier):
The Customer gets charged a Cancellation Administration Fee which is deducted from their refund.
Your cancellation policy also applies.
You would need to let us know ASAP that the Customer has cancelled. You determine and let us know how much refund to the Customer based on your Cancellation Policy.
We may need to discuss this and come to an agreement if the booking cancellation is less than 24 hours old from when the booking is taken, and also depending on how close to the date that is booked.
If we have already paid you (Accommodation Supplier), then you will need to deal with the Customer yourself, as you do already. In this case, you determine how much refund out of the money we have paid you.

How does the availability calendar work. Do you control it or us (Accommodation Supplier)?
You can control your own Calendar when you login to your Establishment Suppler Account

Click on Suppliers Login from the top menu
Username: [enter your username]
Password: [enter your password]

Click on Rooms/Room Types and Edit. Please check that the details are correct and Save.

Click on Rates & Availability – Choose the Room you wish to apply the rates to from the Drop down at the top.

Change your rates and click on Save. If your are already booked out for a date, just untick the box and click on Save.

The Availability Calendar displays 4 weeks at a time. If you have standard rates all year you can simply fill out the first week, save each day.
Then copy that week to what ever date in the future (under Copy Rates Forward on the right hand side menu)

For Visual Instructions please go to:

Instant Real Time Bookings or Upon 24 Hr Request. We (Accommodation Supplier) don’t want to be put on a deadline to accept a booking or not. It is our Accommodation and we will run it the way we want.

You (Accommodation Supplier) can run your Accommodation the way you wish.
However, if you do not reply within 24 hours, the Booking will Expire.
In this case the Customer is automatically notified that the Booking Request has expired and to please try an alternative.
For example: If I (Customer) decide on Monday that I would like to take my Husband and Children away for the coming weekend, and I did not receive a reply from you (Accommodation Supplier) within 24 hours, I would look elsewhere any way. This is because I need to plan my weekend.


How will you (Accommodation Supplier) know when a booking has been made for your property?

  • Instant Bookings – Confirmation email gets simultaneously sent to your property, your client & the administrator. (Inventory is automatically decremented)
  • 24 Hour Request Bookings: Request is emailed to your property (with copies going to your client & the administrator). On this email is a button with the option for the property to Accept or Decline the request. The confirmation/decline is then sent to your client with copies going to your property & the administrator.
  • To speed this process a text/SMS message is sent at the same time to the properties mobile/cell phone (you will need to enable this option when editing your Establishment details). Your property owner/manager/reservations department has the ability to respond Yes/No on their mobile/cell.This will automatically process the booking and the system always accepts the first response. It means that the smallest properties can be included and use SMS reply on their mobiles to immediately process a reservation.

The Ozeres Services system offers a 24-hour automatic “Accept or Reject” response option, via email/SMS/Text, for those Suppliers who are unable to provide inventory. An email/sms/text is sent to you, the supplier notifying you of the booking request. Once the you, the supplier accept the booking, the full amount is automatically debited from the your client’s credit card, and confirmations are sent back to you, the supplier and your client. Rejected transactions are voided with your client being offered an alternative.

If you have an Establishment with a small number of rooms you will love this facility as you are able to sell your property online without commiting inventory.


How much will does a Accommodation Suppler Listing Cost. Does Ozeres Services charge a setup fee or monthly or annual fee?

There is no charge to list your Accommodation, the addition of your listing is FREE. Only when we process a transaction do we ask for 10% of that transaction. (Even then do we carry the 2.5% credit card processing costs in our share). There is no start-up, monthly or yearly fees.


Use of the ‘Booking Service’ and website is subject to the following terms and conditions:


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