Payment Methods

There are two ways you can book or make an enquiry about availability for Accommodation:


1.     Instant Booking (Listings in GREEN): This means you can book and pay all at once – in just minutes.

Instant Booking


2.     24-HOUR REQUEST (Listings in YELLOW): This means the accommodation provider will respond – within 24 hours – to your request to book, to avoid a double booking.

24 Hour Request


24 hour request means that this booking is on REQUEST only. The accommodation provider has 24 hours to respond with an ACCEPT or DECLINE. In most cases the accommodation provider will respond promptly. To speed the process, we will send an SMS/Text to the accommodation provider with the request .

The Customer’s card payment details are placed on authorised pending.  Once the Booking Request is accepted by the accommodation provider, the correct amount will be securely debited from the customers card and a confirmation will immediately be forwarded to all parties (24/7). (If the customer has provided us with a mobile/cell number, we will also SMS the customer the response.

If the customer’s 24 HOUR BOOKING REQUEST is not accepted within 24 hours, the customer will be notified by email & SMS (if mobile number is provided). The Customers card will not be debited, the transaction is automatically voided. (This will leave the customer free to choose alternative accommodation.). It may take a between 3-5 business days for the amount to show on the Customer’s Bank Statement (depending on the processing time between PayPal and the Customer’s Bank)


We currently accept the following payment methods:

Credit Cards Mastercard, and Visa. For your security we do not store credit cards on our server. Your credit card payment will be processed by PayPal secure servers.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay by Credit Card. Simply complete the transaction process.

If you do have a PayPal account please login to select your payment method, eg: Direct from your Bank Account, PayPal Balance or by Credit Card.


You will be notified via email of the details of your transaction and booking details.

In the case of an INSTANT booking the Guest’s credit card will be debited.
In the case of a 24 HOUR REQUEST booking the Guest’s credit card details will be captured and a payment pending will be noted.
Upon acceptance and confirmation of the Booking by the Supplier the payment will be completed.
If the Supplier does not accept the proposed booking then the payment pending will be voided immediately.
When the payment pending has been voided, it may take a between 3-5 business days for the reversal to show up on the Guest’s credit card statement (this depends on the processing time between PayPal and the Guest’s Credit card issuer eg: Mastercard or Visa or your Bank).

How will I know my Booking has been Confirmed

Once your Booking has been Confirmed, you will receive a Booking Confirmation email with your Booking details. Please print this email and present to the reception of the Accommodation Supplier.

For INSTANT Booking you should receive the Booking Confirmation email immediately.

For 24 HOUR REQUEST booking, you will receive an email when the Booking Request has been confirmed by the Accommodation Provider. NB: This email could take up to 24 Hours depending on when/if the Booking is Accepted.

If you have made a 24 HOUR REQUEST booking and have not received the Booking Confirmation email, your Booking may not have been accepted. Please contact us and quote your Booking Request Number (eg: B00005050) so we can check the status of your Booking request.

My credit card has been charged for a booking request that was declined.

In the case of a 24 HOUR REQUEST booking there is an authorization to your credit card to charge only if the booking is accepted. Your credit card details will be captured and a payment pending will be noted in PayPal.

If the Accommodation Provider DECLINES the 24 HOUR REQUEST booking or does not have availability you will not or have not been charged. The payment pending will be voided immediately by PayPal.

There may still be an authorization showing on your credit card, however this will cancel out once your credit card issuer (eg: Mastercard or Visa or your Bank) takes the authorization off your credit card (generally 3 to 5 business days).

Different card issuers (eg: Mastercard or Visa or your Bank) have different processing time frames. If you need the authorization removed ASAP call your credit card issuer (eg: Mastercard or Visa or your Bank) or PayPal if you have an account.

Please keep a copy and print your Booking Confirmation details and present at the reception of your accommodation.

Requirements upon Check-in:  Please present a printed copy of your Booking Confirmation email at the Reception of the Accommodation Provider. Booking Requests with out the Confirmation email may not be accepted. 

We do not provide your credit card details to any accommodation provider and as such you may be required to provide a credit card imprint or equivalent at check-in to cover incidental charges.
The person registering at check-in must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, to eliminate identity fraud, the accommodation provider may ask you to provide photo ID at check-in to ensure that your identity matches the booking identity. A record and/or copy of this photo ID may be retained by the accommodation provider to minimise the risk of fraudulent credit card usage and for verification purposes with your credit card provider in the event of disputation. This identification information may be supplied to us by the accommodation provider.



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